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Professional Muskoka portrait photographer Gerd Harder:

This web site illustrates the outdoor family portrait work of award winning Muskoka photographer Gerd Harder.

Starting at a young age Gerd began photographing in his parent's studio. He is an experienced fourth generation veteran in his trade from a family owned and operated studio since 1875.

Not counting multiple first place prizes, trophies and awards Gerd's work has been been honored many times:

Five times he has received the "PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR" award of the Professional Photographers of America, the largest and most prestigious professional photographic association in the world.

After moving to Ontario in 2006 he has been honored as the “PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR” in 2007 and again in 2008.

In 2011 Gerd was chosen as the "Artist of the Year" by the Professional Photographers of Canada.

His photographs are exhibited in the Permanent Exhibition of the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada).

Kodak has honored him with six "GALLERY AWARDS" in recognition of photographic Excellence and Fuji with a "MASTERPIECE AWARD".

You can see some of his winning images in the AWARDS section on this web site.



Long before becoming a professional Muskoka photographer, Gerd Harder started his career in Munich, Germany. In 1981 he immigrated to Montreal Canada, where he operated for many years a portrait and wedding studio. In the late nineties he teamed up with his wife Dania who specializes on children photography. Together they operated a photo studio near Orlando, Florida until 2006 when they returned to Canada north of Toronto. Gerd picked up his old passion for fine portrait photography and for landscape photography in the great Canadian outdoors. In his portraiture he is focusing on combining his expertise in landscape photography with outdoor portraits of families, individuals and kids. Increasingly this lead to family portraits at cottages all around the Muskoka area. In 2010 Gerd opened a photo studio near Port Carling on hwy 118 west between Port Carling and Bracebridge to better serve his Muskoka clientele.

The whole spectrum of his work can be viewed at The web site you are visiting here deals with only one subject. It is focusing on Gerd's recent work and as its name tells you it is all about outdoor family portraits at cottages and homes in the Muskoka and Georgian Bay area. This is what Gerd Harder will be concentrating on in the years to come.





The origin of "Harder Photography"

Harder Photography existed long before Gerd became a Muskoka family photographer. In 1875 Claus Christian Theodor Harder, a painter by profession, exchanged brushes and oil-paint for film and camera. He opened the first Harder Photography Studio in Hennstedt Germany. Since then a dozen of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, including Gerd's grandfather and father have followed in his steps operating their own studios in Germany, Italy, Canada and USA.



The images show a portrait of Claus Christian Theodor Harder along with two different emblems from the reverse sides of his portrait photographs.